A lifelong photographer, I opened my studio doors in 2006, when I realized that wedding photography could be artistically satisfying. Since then I’ve striven to give my clients the best in personal service and taken enormous pleasure in getting to know people from many different social, religious, national and ethnic backgrounds. I do this when I travel the world, and I do it right at home with my clients.

The power of photography is its believability: it represents a visual reality. But the way we see and imagine things, especially people, is highly conditioned by our feelings and desires. Digital photography offers powerful tools for bringing important realities—like faces—a lot closer to the way we imagine them, and this is part of my service to my clients.

But photography offers much more. In my lifelong experience looking at photographs and other artistic media, then in capturing people of many cultures around the world as well as landscapes, architecture, and compelling abstractions in rock formations, I’ve become acutely aware of composition, setting, and context. It’s these sensitivities, deployed instantaneously when photographing ceremonies, family groups, crowds of dancers, couples on a stroll and all kinds of portraits, that permit me to use the power of photography to capture the powerful images that can strengthen your memories.

My photographs have won statewide prizes as well as international ones and been published in catalogues and international magazines, such as Natural History, Shots, Silvershotz (Australia), View (Brussels), and Adbusters (Vancouver). In February 2019, published a book of my fine art geological photography, Earthforms: Intimate Portraits of Our Planet, available at earthforms.net and on Amazon. You’re also welcome to visit my fine art photography site at joelsimpsonart.com.

  • “Joel was awesome! He was a so much fun to work with and we have AMAZING photos from the day! He jumped right in with my partying guests and got some great action shots as well as beautiful posed portraits. We decided not to have a videographer for our wedding so we are so happy that Joel was able to take short video clips of the wedding and put them together in a great slideshow. The photos are so great the venue even asked him for a few of them so they could display them!”
    Nancy O., New York City

  • “Joel was able to capture wonderful shots of my wedding and made a very memorable collage of my event. I was completely amazed at the photo album and it was nothing I had ever seen (compared to friends’ and siblings’ wedding albums). His signature shots are group shots. I would highly recommend Joel Simpson photography.”
    Bernadette K., New York City

  • “Oh my GODDDDDDD! I loveeee it (our album). It is amazing ….Thank you soooo much, Joel!”
    Nelida V., Linden, NJ

  • “Joel, you not only skillfully and sensitively captured the joy, the love and the atmosphere of our wedding, you made everyone look great — and created an album that was way beyond our expectations: a true work of art. I’d never seen anything like it, and I couldn’t come up with a single change. It brought it all back for both of us. I give you the highest recommendation for anyone who wants a truly unique album that captures their wedding in the most thorough, sensitive and imaginative way possible.”
    Alan F., Woodbridge, NJ

  • “It was a pleasure working with Joel. He really captured exactly what we wanted with our wedding photos and then put them all together in a beautiful album. I can flip through page after page and see everything and relive the excitement of our special day! He is creative, smart, and just fun to work with.”
    Amber D. Staten Island, NY

  • “Joel was so much fun to work with. He is a true artist. His artistic vision is amazing. When we saw the proofs, it was like reliving the day. We could not believe how Joel was able to document every moment of the day without us realizing how involved he was. The posed photos came out great and the action shots were unbelievable….My husband and I ordered a storybook album. We were blown away by how amazing it was. It’s like our own work of art, we will cherish it forever….We all felt as though we knew Joel for our whole lives. We were so happy that we chose such an amazing, artistic person to document our day. Joel Simpson truly has a gift. He is a perfect choice for your perfect day.”
    Heather A., Union Beach, NJ

  • “Dear Joel, Wow. Where to begin? Beyond your talent, your eye for beauty, and your stunning work, I would like to thank you for all of the amazing things you did, said, created, thought, planned, and set forth that made my wedding so unique. Thank you for being my support system, for lending an ear and extending yourself far more than you had to; thank you for letting me panic and then calming me down, for coming up with brilliant ideas and making them work; thank you for your spontaneity and willingness to be outrageous, for making it all so much fun, and most of all—thank you for helping to free a very inhibited bride and capturing the release of a great deal of love. This will resonate with me forever.”
    Jackie D. Spring Lake, NJ